ISA multinational representatives’ visiting Mason


The twelfth SSL China was held in Shenzhen Convention& Exhibition Center(3rd to 5th Nov 2015). With the theme of’ Internet age LED+’ focusing on the trend of times and industry development, the forum attracted many experts and scholars, business leaders, industry leaders and relative government officials etc in the semiconductor lighting field and the filed concerned.

Cao jianlin, the vice minister of China ministry, delivered a speech during the forum. The Brazil MOST, China MOST, India energy efficiency office and the representatives from Russia, South Africa, AUSTRALIA, New Zealand, Hungary, Germany, and the United States etc attended the meeting.  

During the meeting, the ISA held the 2015 BRICS SSL Summit( Emerging Economies, Emerging Market and Emerging Technology). Mason was invited to have the participation and had a main topic speech on the summit forum.

On the 4th November, ISA representatives paid a visit to Mason production base. Mason was the only led manufacturer who was investigated by ISA.

The delegates launched a heat discussion on the development of global semiconductor lighting industry technology, the great effect on China ”The belt and Road Initiative’ strategy and Mason led global markets lay-out, and at the same time they pictured the future of the company LED industry development, analyzed the LED development trend under the new environment  and put forward the ideas of “innovation, open, cooperation”.

Mason, founded in 2002, has been focusing on LED field around 14 years. Currently Mason led products have been sold through 110 countries .With the cooperation with various national and regional partners, Mason has been trying her best to develop a wider global market with the aim to create her own brand.  

Mason attached great importance to foreign exchange and cooperation, with the hope to establish good cooperation relationship with the world industry associations and scientific research institutions.