Good News- Mason Building is topped off


At 8:28 August 1st,the Mason Building-the group’s research and incubation center- is topped offafter the last cubic of concrete.

The SeniorManagement of the group attends the Topp-off ceremony.

Mason Building islocated in the west of the Guangqiao Road, Guangming New District, opposite tothe Guangming station of the high-speed railway. It covers 13536.41 ㎡ land and the architecture size is 60912.8  ㎡. It costs190million RMB. The building will be used as the research and incubation centerof the led products and Internet technologies.

Mason Building isone of the important projects of Mason group, and it will be completed at theend of the year. After the completion, Mason will be easier to attract high endtalents, strengthen the comprehensive strength of the group, and promote thesustainable development of Mason.